And what about me? ...Yes we have you covered too!

Your dog or cat is always there, looking after you and bringing you joy. To care for them with the same human quality with which we protect all your things, we have created an insurance that covers your pet against accidents or illness, at the best price.

  • Medical expenses:
    3 coverage options  €1000, €1500,  €2000
  • Veterinary assitance:
    Accidents with no excess, with no limits and if you don’t have a trusted vet, choose from our network of prestigious clinics.
  • Third party liability: 
    Including legal council
  • If you as owner are hospitalized:
    We will arrange to have you pet taken care of as if you would. 
  • Loss:
    We will also be there when you need our help finding your pet. This includes: Expenses for finding the animal and accommodation expenses until owner is located.

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