Your health comes first: Special offers

Health and Hospitalization (H & H) is the most important insurance we ever purchase. Not only can the unexpected health issue have enormous financial burdens, but precisely when we are ill, we need understanding and professional help in managing the complex issues of health care claims. Seippel & Seippel has many years of experience in this specialized field.

By writing your policies with only the very best of national and international companies, Seippel & Seippel will arrange the policy which is ideally suited for you. This might be a policy covering the widest range of health care services throughout the world or a specific family policy covering all concerns with the best health care professionals, clinics, and hospitals, here in Mallorca.

Quality health care is expensive but health insurance does not have to be the same. You can trust SEIPPEL & SEIPPEL to advise you on the ideal policy for you and your family at the most affordable premium available anywhere.

Our health insurances Include: Dkv, Ihi Buba, Axa PPP, Sanitas and Aetna.

Please send me more information about your health insurance!